The Eye of the Deep, is a new campaign that will take characters from 1st level to epic levels. The campaign will be almost totally influenced by the characters. You can create empires, or destroy them. Create your kingdom, church, wizard tower, or crime syndicate. Enjoy a campaign that you actually get a say in the world and will make lasting changes to. You will control armies of warriors, monks, clerics, rogues, and wizards. Do battle with the hordes of orcs, armies of tyrants, and legions of monsters that seek to destory all that you have created.

This is a open ended campaign that will take place in a modified Faerun. The world is much as the books describe it. The history that you know is what is considered true, but like most history it is written by the victor.

You will begin at 1st level and abilities will be determined by the point buy system. You will start off with your regional item and one regional feat for free. HP will be the max roll for all levels. I will give you 4 free skill points to spend on a craft skill of your choice. I do require storyline and you will have bonus exp for writing one. On the first session we will determine how you know the other characters.

Eye of the Deep

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